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Branch: Lingerie

Lingerie boutiques network «Palmetta» offers a big variety of models represented by three trademarks: «Palmetta», «millena» and «Grandissima».

The latest designs in form, colour, material and trimmings are reflected in «Palmetta» models. Splendid textiles, refined lace from the best European producers and ultrafashionable embroidery harmonize in these collections.

«Palmetta» swimsuits are topical colours and patterns, unique silhouettes, the best of modern textiles, various forms and size range from AA to C.  In addition to that swimwear accessories for the beach rest are presented in these collections as well.

«millena» embodies models for women who value beauty and comfort in every single detail. The main advantages of underwear of this mark are rich colour palette, a wide size range and variety of collections. «millena» is not just every-day underwear, but also the one for special cases.

«Grandissima» presents exquisite big sizes underwear created according to the latest world fashion trends. Functional and comfortable underwear fits very well, emphasizes figure advantages and corrects disadvantages. Both classical and ultrafashionable models are presented in collections or this trademark.

Unitary discount system operates in all “Palmetta” boutiques. Gift cards of any par value which can become a pleasant present for your relatives and friends are always available.

Welcome to «Palmetta» lingerie  boutiques!

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